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[ Something for Tyrion to appreciate. A bit home away from home. The message arrives via mockingbird. Sealed closed by a wax mockingbird sigil, the letter is hand-written in careful cursive. ]

Dear, Tyrion Lannister -

I write to you on behalf of a project I am working on within my city. Construction has already begun on rebuilding a much larger library, but I wish for this to be more than simply a bigger structure. I hope to inspire education and the spread of knowledge to the natives of Maurtia Falls as well as provide an invaluable resource to new arrivals here. But more than that, I wish to use it to pay homage to the natives who lost their lives within Maurtia Falls due to imPort related tragedies. Their names will be honored within the library itself and donations will be set up to be made to the families.

For this project to succeed, I need your help. If you are able to donate anything at all to the cause, it would be most appreciated -- whether that is books, money, or simply your time. I know you enjoy books. Probably about as much as you enjoy whores. So I hope this is a cause you feel worth investing within.

I thank you for your time.

Ambassador Petyr Baelish

[ OOC: You can feel free to just respond to this OOCly if he would donate anything or not! ]
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[ A motley crew of Tyrion, Rincewind, and Shade. Well. Baelish trusts Tyrion around books well enough. And...Tyrion would then be under his employ. So this could be an agreeable arrangement. He'll have to get with March in order to create some classy looking ladders to keep in the spirit of aesthetics.

The response is returned with the same mockingbird. And said mockingbird hangs around, intent on getting some treats for its troubles. ]

Tyrion -

I believe this would work out quite well if you've the time to spare. Construction should be completed by mid-March unless unforeseen circumstances stall the progress. And being in an unpredictable world with imPorts there are many unforeseen circumstances that could crop up.

Apart from tending to the books and people requesting those books, do you have a preference as to whether you work with children, adolescents or adults as far as education goes? I intend to create programs for each of those groups, so it's up to you where you would rather devote your time.

And no matter what you choose, I will pay you generously.

- Ambassador Baelish
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My lord, may I ask a favor of you?
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[He smiled in amusement, well aware that the habit didn't have a place in this world. No more than "your grace" did, but he offered it as a sign of respect all the same.]

I remember you told me that you consider your mind to be your weapon, so you continually sharpen it with books.

[It's an awkward transition.]

Have you been reading about this world since your arrival? How it operates and it's political system?